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Cocora Alliance

Supporting Sustainable Initiatives in Communities Where People Travel


Our Mission

Cocora Alliance was formed to promote sustainable tourism by supporting initiatives that have positive social, economic, and environmental impacts in communities where people travel.


Getting Started

With the growth of tourism throughout Colombia in recent years, Cocora Alliance is dedicated to supporting initiatives that will uplift communities in the destinations where people travel. We're just getting started, but soon we will invite travelers to help make a difference through tax-deductible contributions that will have a positive impact on Colombia's diverse and beautiful communities, cultures, and natural landscapes.

We will provide grants to community-based organization's and projects working to accomplish these goals:

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Create Economic Opportunity

Preserve & Protect Colombia's Biodiversity

Improve Quality of Life


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A Little Bit of Background

Cocora Alliance is a newly-formed US-based nonprofit organization.  We are currently in the process of requesting tax-exempt 501(c)3 status from the IRS so that travelers can make tax-deductible donations, which we will direct to verified sustainable initiatives in Colombian communities that are truly having a positive impact. 

We chose our name in recognition of the Cocora Valley, one of Colombia's most iconic destinations, part of the Los Nevados National Natural Park.  The valley is a cloud forest and home to Colombia's national tree - the Quindío wax palm.  These palm trees that soar high into the sky are the last of their species. They are the tallest on the planet and are endangered. 


Before the global pandemic, communities around the Cocora Valley thrived on tourism.  Yet it was quickly becoming unsustainable, threatening the natural wonders of the forest while negatively impacting the quality-of-life of local community members.

As tourism in Colombia is projected to continue to grow, there are opportunities to build a more sustainable tourism experience throughout the country, one that supports local communities, protects the natural environment, and improves quality of life for residents. We are on a mission to find the people and organizations doing this great work. And when we do, we hope you'll join us to help make a difference and support them.

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Your contribution is not yet tax-deductible, but it will be upon formal approval of our tax-exempt application pending with the IRS.


Donations received while our application is pending may be treated as tax-deductible contributions retroactive once we receive our exempt status. 


For full disclosure, if for some reason the IRS does not approve our application, your contribution would not be considered tax-deductible.

Support the Cause

Help us get this project off the ground!

Your charitable contribution will help us set up our grant-giving programs to benefit community organizations in Colombia doing great work providing economic opportunities to people living in poverty, protecting the natural environment that draws in tourists and tourism dollars, and having a positive social impact to improve the quality of life for community members, particularly those most impacted by the global pandemic.